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Keijo!!!!! Let's fight! Coolest girl fights ever

Keijo is love, Keijo is life! That's how I feel about Keijo Manga  after I've finished it! It's a very funny and lovely manga with many ridiculous fight scenes. But I love it! I really do. No only does this manga anime have some puny butt arcs, but the abilities can undoubtedly be creative. End-tack on Titan ? This show makes more spells of terrible puns than Yang from RWBY, which is saying a lot. Additionally, occasionally, simply to mix things up, they get one of our protagonists lose in ways that feels totally unjust (Aoba in episode 10). Plus, the leading tone-shift in the very first half of episode 12 can give this kind of whiplash, that if it was directed at my butt, that would be red as hell. Nevertheless, let it not be said that I enjoy the absolute escalation of occasions. Plus, grows moves exponentially as the show goes on, and to results that are glorious in the last 4 episodes in every one of the conflicts. It is absurd. It is illogical. It is...not enough to save the narrative all things considered, despite how terrible a number of the characters' histories (such as Maya) can be, and how fine the end is. Now, away with that dull bum matter we call: criticism that is fair.


Nozomi is a hot blooded protagonist that ends up needing to work off her tail just to stay informed about each new groundbreaking competition, advertising she's a complete romp! I particularly adore the reality that instead of the classic protagonist motivations, she only needs to be wealthy. Sayaka is a competitor of hers who desires acceptance of her dad while keeping up with her peers, however much offense and pressure she chooses in the procedure. Aoba starts off extremely self-conscious, but she becomes a lot more assured, though her effed up powers and approval by her peers. Plus, the lucky sod gets all the butt! Non is gawky huge tittied gal and your cutely, but instead of only hurting herself with her clumsiness, she puts everyone through near-death injuries, or knocking java on a white bed, both through hell. Subsequently, she's the nerve to make a variety of reasons that are reasons in an endeavor at bravado. My favourite thing about those girls is the reality they really have dialects! Exactly how many times have you seen. We'll get to that wonderful woman in a bit, although it does this with Maya too.

Mio is most likely my favourite character. She's a complete, more so than most guys of this archethype, but she's also one of the greatest badasses this this show. Not to mention, that she's the most amazing, and fight me in the event that you differ! I'd definitely need a part of her butt in bed! Well, not actually, but she's my favorite here. Some are more intriguing than many others, but they're usually an extremely endearing project with a lot of life in them.

Maya is an intriguing one. Certainly the second most amazing mistress here, she's initially cryptic, and with a hurried yet brutal history. Sadly, none of her peers are almost as intriguing aside from their powers.


Xebec is well-known for their work on the tit and butt romp known as To Love-RU. Well, they undoubtedly brought their expertise to this show. It's loaded with that items! Plus, the activity is quite cool to look at, and also the rough outlines make the seem of this show stick out, such as, for instance, a rival's butt while wearing any of these swimsuits. It makes sure the hits that link are all hard hitting, and full of impact. Together with the artwork being fine, not perfect, but okay. However, this series really covers its madness.

ENJOYMENT - I Love reading Keijo!!!!

It ended up being a good time to see just how insane each new occasion would get, reminding me of my time with Gurren Lagann, which is a great thing. Sure, it was not really heroic for me, and I could've covered its earth a bit better so assholes like me would quit asking questions, but it was a good time. The second half of the finish, plus truly set a endeared grin on my face. Again, I'm simply a foul man:P
Nozomi, Mio,and Maya brought this up to a 10. Their infamous selves are simply legendary. Kawai and Kyoko being up high. Plus, each girl uses their tits and butts in ways that are creative and to effects that are insane. It is captivating how nicely this anime mastered this skill.

TOTAL - What an amazing story! I'm not sure I love this because of the story or sexy girls in it.

This Free Manga  is genuinely a top of manga anime releases in 2016 that will be remember for quite a long time.