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Kinds of Example VOC Questions for Best Results

For most companies using Voice of Customer techniques, the most difficult part is adhering to the core concept. It's only human for people to want to interpret what the customer says in the light of what you want to hear. It's a human weakness, but when you change what the customer says, it's your voice, not theirs.
That is a big challenge of serving as a key account manager. the simple life of killing demons  Although businesses exist to serve their customers, there's always a psychological divide. The more a business can bridge that gap, that can see the world through the viewpoint of its customers, the more profitable it will be.
That's especially true for a key account manager, but they manage the key accounts, the most important customers, the 20% of clients who supply the business with 80% of its revenue. They are your prime target market.
What are the Goals of a Voice of Customer Interview? I. You want to re-sell the customer on your product and business.
No sales decision is ever truly final. No matter how friendly you and your contact at the customer firm are and how much they praise your product, there is always a CFO, Vice President or, maybe, just a voice in the back of their mind asking, "Can we get the same benefits for less money?"
Therefore, to maintain your relationship, you conduct VOC interviews to assure them your company is not resting on its momentum. It remains customer-focused. You want guidance from all your customers certainly the largest and most important, on how to improve.
2. Closely related to that, you want to pre-sell the customer on future products.
You should not, however, state that directly. You simply want to communicate your company's intentioi to meet customers needs as fully and completely as possible.
Their desire for future upgrades and products will depend on how successfully your company listens to them and, therefore, meets their needs, and making the efforts helps to communicate that to them.
An Effective Interview Begins With Rapport
Effective Voice of Customer interviews are most like sessions with a psychiatrist than professional businesspeople wish to acknowledge. You don't want to know somebody's personal life and problems. However, VOC demands the KAM probe deeply for pain points. Pain points are, read light novel  by defmition, painful. A lot depends on the specific nature of your product or service and what the customer needs, but what to the KAM seem routine data-gathering may hit an unexpected sore spot. Probe as carefully as a dentist. Gain rapport.
It's just business, but if the customer firm is having fmancial problems, or your contact is having issues regarding their performance, it's quite personal to them. They or the company may have problems they don't wish to discuss with anyone on the outside, no matter how wonderful your product is.
Therefore, reassure them of your businesslike, friendly intent, and establish rapport. Thank them for their time. They're as busy as everyone else.
time well spent.