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Ten Count Manga Review

Takarai Rihito-sensei is known for her beautiful art in various series especially Seven Days and eventually made her own manga, Hana Series (Hana no Mizo Shiru + Hana no Miyako de) and not only she make beautiful art but her story is absolutely lovely too.
Now she brought another unique and lovely piece, Ten Count Manga .

Story: 9/10
The story is really interesting the first time I read it. A guy who has Mysophobia (fear of contamination and germs) met this other guy who coincidentally works at a psychiatry clinic and is now trying to cure his phobia.
Just thinking about their situation really makes me (super) curious on what will happen or how their relationship will work because the "uke" is mysophobic (meaning he dislike being touched and thinks everything in the world is dirty) and since this is also a yaoi manga.

Art: 10/10
As usual, sensei's art is really absolutely stunning and gorgeous which make this manga more interesting.

Characters: 9/10
I think sensei really makes nice characters that suit each other. Just like Arikawa and Misaki of HanaMizo and now Kurose and Shirotani of Ten Count.
There is something about those two that makes me really love and support them both. (I guess that's what you call chemistry with each other?)
Though I sometimes don't get Kurose Riku. I can't grasp his whole personality yet but he looks like the "gentle seme" type for me but we will see...

Enjoyment/Overall: 10/10 / 9/10
I think this is the first time I encountered this kind of story (like you know, a mysophobic person... you can't really predict what will happen) so I'm really looking forward to it so much (since it's still on going).
The pace is kind of slow I guess so it's sometimes frustrating because I want to know Shirotani's past and what caused his phobia but I guess that's one of the good points of the manga . I don't want it to be rushed so I hope the quality will not drop!