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A cute story about a funny and "simple" guy with a super power. There are probably a million ways to explain Mob Psycho 100 Manga . The one simple word is Exciting.

Even if you're a new fan and haven't seen another ONE's works, you will easily recognize that Mob Psycho 100 isn't only a show with traditional art. The visual follows the manga famous studio, Bones. Also, we got manager Yuzuru Tachikawa on board as Part of the team. Tokyo, and Kill la Kill, it is definitely something to get excited about. Is the sound manager, famous for famous works like the Ghost in the Still, Mob Psycho 100 is beyond what exactly the staff offers?

It's not always so easy to understand the visual representation of Mob Psycho 100. The better idea as we're introduced to the main characters. Have chief protagonist Shigeo Kageyama, otherwise called Mob. He's a 14-year-old child attending a college with an ordinary life. Immediately obvious he's special for his ESP powers.
Events in the story induce his forces to go unstable and Mob finds Himself hard to be "normal". right? An ordinary kid who attempts to live a normal life with strange However, the show delivers many situations Where Mob uses his abilities far more than he should. For a child who wants a Normal life, he gets into several abnormal circumstances which put himself at risk. Still, this is not exactly the case as we will see how powerful Mob is. While he is not a Saitama 2.0, Mob's skills are not to be underestimated. In many battles he has been in, Mob Can overpower Also see what frequently triggers Mob to become involved in these unusual events. Social peer pressure and bullying are a couple of factors. Mob also seeks Appreciation and even wants to impress a woman that he likes so this contributes to Him making mistakes occasionally. I mean, He's still human and humans make mistakes.

While he is the titular character, the series doesn't fail its Others especially with characters like Reigen, Ritsu (Mob's younger Ritsu has grown to me as a very interesting character. Unlike Mob, He's very clever and often utilizes Trickery to get what he desires. Sometimes, he treats life like it's A game where playing the appropriate cards will win. The beginning, he's ready to rise up as a pioneer. It's also revealed that He's got an inferiority complex compared to his brother (as he doubts. This also turns into guilt and there is the reasoning for redemption. Reigen is also an interesting character who's called "Mob's master". He claims a whole lot of things and frequently talks and lies with the facts.

Despite being manipulative, he is not a bad guy and Frequently looks out after He also provides good advice to Mob including what Really makes somebody a "better person" in Free manga online . 1 weakness that I do find About him is his unwillingness to admit mistakes. Somewhere in Between, there is Teruki ("Teru"). I must admit though, this man has a ridiculous hair design that I've ever seen from ONE's work. Unlike Mob, he openly uses his esper powers such as if they're God's sacred gift. What makes him interesting is the way after fulfilling Mob, Teru Undergoes a large change in his personality. It is like a bully that Reinvents himself after getting put into his place for the first time in their life. The most mysterious personality. In reality, he is not even human! He's Actually a soul who even at the same time had his own cult. What makes him Intriguing is despite having a God-like complicated and ego, Dimple also Wants others to triumph in particular Mob. Throw in this series, expectations are fulfilled particularly when it comes to creativity. If you're a true fan of manga then don't miss it! 

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